Round 5p. | dining table

Meltingopt Dining 5p RVR

The Meltingpot table plays a keystone role in the circular design practice at Kooij. Discarded recycled plastic prototypes, production faults, and colour tests form the basis of the conglomerate Meltingpot. These multiform elements are curated and composed into spontaneous, vibrant landscapes: ready to be heated and pressed into solid slabs of raw material. The resulting tables are affectionate maps of studio history, representing a fleeting interaction between our colourists and the day’s material.

Meltingpots are made available online as they are produced.



Ø125xH76cm | 71kg
Ø49xH30in | 157lb


Available works

Each Meltingpot is made by hand in our Zaandam-based workshop. In response to limited production capacity, lead times can vary. Please find below a selection of available works, each identified by an unique serial number.

To secure a table, please email with your contact details and desired table code.

5 P 714

714 | reserved | view more photos

5 P 709
5 P 678

678 | reserved | view more photos

5 P 652
5 P 641 3
5 P 661
5 P 423 meltingpot table
5 P 676