Kooij dining 5p meltingpot detail
Dirk van der Kooij, 2014
Recycled plastic, pigment, stainless steel fixtures
Ø125xH76cm | 71kg

Early experiments with Meltingpot material were carried out in this size, as it best flattered Dirk’s self- built leg press. As a dining table, the Ø125 table top can comfortably seat 5 people. Decoratively, the elegant proportions complement entryways, dressing rooms, and receptions.

Kooij dining 5p meltingpot detail 2
Kooij dining 5p meltingpot detail 3
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5 P 709

709 | reserved | view more photos

5 P 678
5 P 652
5 P 641 3
5 P 661
5 P 423 meltingpot table
5 P 676