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The meltingpot table plays a keystone role in our ability to maintain a circular and sustainable design practice. By way of a house-developed press, our many prototypes and production failures are affectionately remoulded into indestructible tables. They are made weekly as heartfelt reactions to available material stock.

Meltingpots come in different sizes. For tables greater than 240cm are bespoke pieces, please email with project details. All other sizes can be found in the list of available works, which are shared here in a raw, unpolished state. This document is regularly updated. The current wait time for finishing meltingpot tables is 6mo unless otherwise stated. In the shop below you can find all the finished tables that we currently have in stock.


Side large meltingpot
Ø60xH40cm | 18kg

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Leg melting
Our team of colourists hand-lays each table as an intuitive composition. They are entirely one-off, gestural maps of studio history.

Meltingpot 3
Melting ellipse white
Meltingpot 5
Meltingpot tables can be made entirely from internal production waste, though the process has come to envelope a wider range of waste sources: of late, our favourites include warm, transparent CD cases and the glittering CDs themselves.

Kooij Meltingpot table
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